Thursday, August 21, 2014

Copper Embellished Beautiful Brushstrokes!

Yesterday I had a little free time to play with my newest "love", PTI's Beautiful Brushstrokes Kit. (You can no longer purchase this kit, but can read about it here.) This kit lets design the most beautiful cards. Kind of a "no brainer" when you use the images, designer papers and embellishments in the kit. I've made several cards with this kit, but yesterday I wanted to try something completely outside the box. 

Years ago I purchased a metal embossing kit at a Heirloom stamp show. It included all the necessary tools and supplies, including the copper, to create beautiful art using stamps and copper. I have have been thinking about trying this technique again, but my kit is long gone. So I simply pulled out my copper sheeting from my stash, a mouse pad and some dry embossing tools and set to work.

Here is my end result. Try as I might, I was unable to capture the differential shades of pinks and light purples in the copper with my digital camera. As with so many shiny projects, they always look better in "real life". Please use you imagination!
 (The synopsis of my technique follows below)
My Technique:
1. Die cut the my images from the copper using BB dies (and the Savvy Hello).
2. Then stamped the coordinating BB images onto the copper die cuts using Staz-On black ink.
3. Debossed stamped images, using the back side of a mouse pad. I used both a metal and a wooden stylus, and pushed the stamped portion of the flower image into the mat. I flipped the copper piece over as I went  to check my progress.
4. Satisfied with the debossed images, I held each piece with forceps and "carefully" apply flame and watched as the copper changed to tones of pink and a light purple. When I say "carefully",  I mean "slowly" while moving the flame around constantly. (I learned this after ruining several completed pieces with too much heat - it changes color quickly and if you don't remove the heat in time, the color rapidly changes to an ugly dull metal color that has no resemblance to copper whatsoever.
5. Allowed pieces to cool completely.
6. I chose to use black glossy card stock to highlight these images (and Copper Shimmer stock as a card base). To place images after all that hard work, you need to apply something to the back of these images to prevent them from compressing flat, especially if you plan to mail your project. I used E6000 glue, applied thickly to the back of the flowers and leaves before mounting to the black glossy.
7. I had forgotten how difficult it is to photograph black glossy card stock. It picks up so much light and reflection, and every speck of dust in the practically have to photograph in the dark to get a decent image. The next time I will chose a different non-glossy background.

PS: If you decide to give this a go - be sure you are using true copper. There are different Craft Foils on the market made to look like copper (and other colors) but they are simply painted aluminum. They will work for debossing, up to the point of adding heat - then the paint simply burns off and you are left with another ugly project that you have poured your heart into - ask me how I know :)

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Wendy G. said...

Wow, this card is amazing! What a creative use of the stamps. Great job!